At Smart-Group, we offer a wide range of glass lifters. Our Glaslift series epitomizes modern technology, ensuring easy and safe handling of glass panes during construction projects. This increases productivity and reduces time consumption, as glass installations become faster and more efficient.

Explore our complete range and find the perfect glass lifter for your specific requirements.


Our smallest glass robot stands out with an impressive working height of 3.8 meters. This little star is not only compact but also incredibly strong.


compact and robust glass lifter. It is our answer to the need for a medium-sized lifting solution that works both indoors and outdoors.


This lift is designed to tackle a wide range of tasks within the glass industry, window construction, and assembly work. It is your go-to solution when maximum performance is needed.


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Key features and benefits

Our SG Glasslift models have an impressive lifting capacity and are equipped with advanced features and technical specifications. They are designed to make glass installations safer, more efficient, and productive.

Lifting capacity

Our SG Glasslift models have varying lifting capacities to suit different needs. From the SG350 with a capacity of 350 kg to the SG1200 with a capacity of 1200 kg, we can accommodate different glass installations.


Our SG Glasslift models are equipped with advanced features such as remote control, rotation function, and adjustable suction cup position. These features give users greater control and flexibility during glass installation.

Install the windows faster and avoid heavy lifting with a glass lifter.

In connection with large window and glass projects, there can often be large windows or glass elements that need to be mounted. With Smart-Group's glass lifters, you can quickly and easily operate the machine with the stepless hydraulic control, which, with the help of a vacuum function, makes it possible to suction the window firmly, so it can be easily and precisely mounted at the installation site.

This means that your employees can work more efficiently while also avoiding strain on the body with many heavy lifts. Furthermore, we also notice that it increases safety, as accidents often can occur with difficult and heavy lifting. Our glass lifters come in different types, which all can operate at various working heights and with different lifting capacities. Therefore, our machines can help with all sizes of tasks.

Would you like a demonstration of our products? We are happy to come by!

It is important to make the right choice of glass lifters from the start. Therefore, you always have the option to book a live demonstration of our products or test it on a specific task. In addition, our advisors are ready to offer professional advice on how our glass lifters can be used in your tasks. You are welcome to contact us by phone +4538424424 for further discussion.

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