SG 650

Designed to meet the demands of the glass industry, window construction, and assembly work. This advanced lifting equipment combines compactness and extreme solidity to provide a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

Modern Technology for Maximum Performance

Fleksibilitet i Håndtering og Manøvrering

SG650 is not just a glass robot; it is a technological marvel. With an impressive working height of up to 5.8 meters and a lifting capacity of 650 kg, it delivers maximum performance regardless of the task's complexity. Our lifting equipment is powered by the latest technology, and safety is our top priority.


Traction:2WD front-wheel drive

Max height: ~ 5,8m

Max lateral radius: 3,5m

Max payload: Pick & Carry: 650 kg

Weight: 1.175 kg

Speed: 5 km/h

Dimensions 2,07 x 0,89 x 1,52 m

Technical specifications


The glass robot is designed to provide a compact and extremely solid solution within the glass industry, window construction, and assembly work. With an impressive working height of up to 5.8 meters and a lifting capacity of 650 kg, this glass lifter is the ideal lifting method that combines mobility and power.

  • Powerful, hydraulic glass robot with electric drive
  • Load capacity up to 650 kg 'Pick & Carry'!
  • Reach: 5.8 m high; 3.5 m in front of the wheels
  • The highest safety measures in the industry
  • Proportional control with potentiometer
  • Monitoring with load cells
  • Automatic speed reduction when the load limit is reached
  • Weight display via LED
  • Arm with 3 hydraulic telescopic segments
  • Radio remote control (optional)
  • Foolproof operation with rotating/steering arm
  • Powerful electric motor with front-wheel drive
  • Industry's lowest load center, meaning  more stability
  • Special tires, designed for difficult terrain
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • CE  approved

Lifting capacity

Capable of lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 650 kg in motion, making it ideal for tasks that require handling heavy materials within the glass industry or assembly work.


When it comes to lifting tasks, safety is crucial. The SG650 glass robot not only delivers impressive performance but also prioritizes safety, allowing you to work worry-free and efficiently.

Working height

Take your lifting experience to new heights with the SG650 glass robot, impressing with a working height of up to 5.8 meters. Perfectly designed for the glass industry and assembly work, the SG650 is your key to safe and efficient work at various heights.


Behind every lifting session with the SG650 glass robot is powerful hydraulics that drive efficiency and reliability. Let's explore how the hydraulics in the SG650 contribute to a seamless and powerful lifting experience.

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