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Smart Group gets new majority shareholder and CEO

Experienced executive and entrepreneur Søren Mosevang is the new CEO and majority investor at Smart Group ApS. He joins the company’s management team alongside Ole Kobæk and Jan-Erik Ørum-Petersen.

As of April 2023, Søren Mosevang takes up the position as CEO of Smart Group ApS. He also acquires 50,2 percent and thereby the majority of shares in the company.

Mosevang has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and investor. He has been operating within the fields of strategy, sales, supply chain management, and general management and has contributed to substantial business growth in the companies, he has worked for. Besides his managing mindset, Søren possesses a strong technical knowhow due to his background in technical construction.

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that I have joined Smart Group as both CEO and co-owner. The company has been and still is on a special journey to provide contractors worldwide with professional and reliable glass robots. The products that Ole have developed are rock solid, and I look forward to taking their work to the next level, tells the new CEO.

Søren Mosevang’s appointment will result in a few organizational changes in Smart Group, as Ole Kobæk has decided to step down as CEO and devote his time to technical tasks and R&D. Ole Kobæk will take on a new role as CTO and remains as co-owner in the company. Jan-Erik Ørum-Petersen remains in his role as CSO and co-owner and will continue to lead international sales activities and internal sales coordination.

The acquisition and arrival of the new CEO is welcomed by the Smart Group founders as Mosevang’s co-ownership and skills provide a strong foundation for further development of the company.

Our first years have been all about developing a product that meet the market demands for high-performing hydraulic glass-lifting devices. The construction industry is moving towards a massive focus on sustainability, and we now have a product range with a solid proof-of-concept that has a high relevance for companies who want to promote a healthier working environment. With Søren as co-owner and CEO we are ready to scale our business to more customers and markets, says Ole Kobæk.

Smart Group ApS was founded in Denmark in 2018 by Ole Kobæk and Jan-Erik Ørum-Petersen with the purpose of revolutionizing the glass installation industry by offering a safer and more productive lift for glaziers worldwide. The two were driven by a desire of innovating the field and creating a technology that could accommodate the demand for a robust, trustworthy, and modern lift solution. That is how the SG Lift became a reality.

The goal of Smart Group is to optimize everyday work and minimize heavy lifts for all glaziers. The SG Lift is built on the newest technology within the field of hydraulics making it the smartest, fastest, and safest way to lift and install glass – also the heavy, energy optimized multi-layered glass. 

The SG Lift provides:

  • Safer workflows
  • Higher lifts
  • Faster movements
  • More stability

 Our solutions are manufactured in Denmark with an uncompromising focus on quality and reliability. SG Lifts are sold all over the world through a global network of dealers and distributors.

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Advantages of the SG Lift

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  • Lifting height ~ 5,8 mtr. (SG350 ~ 3,8 mtr.)
  • Extension in front of the wheels 3,5 – 4,5 mtr. With more capacity (SG350 2,1 mtr.)
  • Working speed. Potentiometer for regulating working speed.
  • Wireless remote for all machines – an option ( Extra Cost )
  • Power assist steering on the SG1200
  • Powerful front wheel drive – (SG350 rear wheel drive)
  • Very service friendly – Remove the cover and you have access to everything – all machines using the same spare parts
  • All machines made for coarse terrain – Running outdoor as well as indoor
  • Highest security in the market – Build in weighing Cell, measuring overloads, and regulating working speed if close to overload.
  • No one else in the market can reach first floor with this kind of equipment, and with this kind of security.

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