SmartGroup SG1200

Glass Robot with 5.8 m working height and load capacity up to 1200 kg “Pick & Carry” | mobile | electric

Compact and extremely solid: the SG1200 glass lifter with working height up to 5.8 m and lifting capacity up to 1200 kg is our compact and largest indoor and outdoor lifting solution for the glass industry, window construction, assembly construction and wherever high performance, the latest technology and tested safety are priorities.

Traction 2WD front wheel drive
Max. Height ~ 5.8m
Max. Lateral radius 4.5m
Max payload Pick & Carry: 1200Kg
Weight 1.975 Kg
Speed 5 km / h
Dimensions 2,80 x 1,20 x 1,52 m


  • Powerful, hydraulic glass robot with electric drive
  • Load capacity up to 1200 kg ‘Pick & Carry’!
  • Range : 5.8 m high; 4.5 m in front of the wheels
  • Biggest security measures in the industry
  • Proportional control with potentiometer
  • Power assist steering
  • Monitoring with load cells
  • Automatic speed reduction when the load limit is reached
  • Weight display via LED
  • Arm with 3 hydraulic telescopic segments
  • Radio remote control (optional)
  • Foolproof operation with swivel / steering arm
  • Powerful electric motor with front-wheel drive
  • Lowest load center in the industry, ie more stability
  • Special tires, made for difficult terrain
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • CE approved

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